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Boujee Baby Gender Reveal Bombs

Ready to Reveal the Gender of Your Bundle of Joy? Check Out Our Bougee Baby Bombs Now Available Online

Are you looking for a clever way to reveal to your friends and family the gender of your soon-to-be baby? Then look no further.

Lush Cotton Candy offers gender reveal Bougee Baby Bombs, a bestseller, in more than 40 delicious flavors, most of which are organic and dye/allergen-free. These bougee bombs arrived colorless until dropped in 8 ounces of clear or carbonated liquid. Additionally, Lush Cotton Candy Disco Bombs are available in almost limitless color varieties.

Each baby bomb order can be delivered with an optional special message.

Would you still like to chat with us at Lush Cotton Candy about our gender reveal baby bomb options? Please reach out by email or by telephone at 509-606-LUSH. Follow us on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook for updates, events, and special offers.

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