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Gender Reveal Gift Boxes

Lush Cotton Candy Offers Unique Gender Reveal Gift Boxes

Welcome to Lush Cotton Candy! The ultimate and delicious online source for all things cotton candy.

At Lush Cotton Candy, our flavor connoisseur, and CEO Valerie Richey, oversees hand-crafted batches of Lush’s delectable spun-sugar treat. Lush Cotton Candy offers more than forty flavor options for its ‘one-of-a-kind hand-spun cotton candy, of which 85 percent of these flavors are organic allergen and dye-free. Additionally, Lush Cotton Candy is available in almost limitless color varieties.

If you are searching for distinctive we well as unique gender reveal ideas, here is a great suggestion – Gender-reveal bougee drink bombs. These gender reveal bombs (which are colorless on the outside to keep things secret) simply work by dropping them into 8 oz. of any clear or carbonated liquid or by pouring the liquid over the boujee bombs.

And Voila – the guests at your gender reveal party can watch the liquid change to a glittered (with FDA approved edible-glitter) ‘cotton candy blue’ or ‘cotton candy pink.’ Your friends and family can then celebrate and drink to your bundle of joy’s impending arrival.

For an even sweeter experience, consider one of Lush Cotton Candy’s cart services that can be booked online and include the following options–


  • The Mini Package – great for smaller birthdays, bridal/baby showers, or other events.

  • The Chic Package – an excellent choice for larger parties, grand openings, and corporate events.

  • The Grand Package – ideal for large events like weddings, etc.

Have a question for Lush Cotton Candy about upcoming events or one of our cotton candy products? Please reach out by email or by telephone at 509-606-5874. For updates, events, and special offers, follow us on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook.

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