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Artisan Crafted Gourmet Cotton Candy
  • Artisan Crafted Gourmet Cotton Candy


    Our Artisanal touch of handcrafting these sweet confections adds an extra layer of care and quality to your experience.


    Imagine indulging in fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy infused with flavors like champagne, lavender, matcha green tea and rose.


    These artisanal creations elevate the cotton candy experience, making it a delightful and sophisticated confection that appeals to both kids and adults. 





    • Shelf life of cotton candy

      The typical shelf llife is around 2-3 weeks but it really all depends on what your climate is like where you live. Humidity and light play factors in how long cotton candy will last.

      Please enjoy within a few days to a few weeks of receiving your shipment of cotton candy.

      If you cant get to it right away jut pop it in the freezer. this will help it last a few more weeks. 

      Once the bag is open you have a few hours to a few days to enjoy the rest of the bag. 


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