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Dye Free Artisan Crafted Cotton Candy

Dye Free Artisan Crafted Cotton Candy


Dye Free, Allergen Free, Made to order.

Fresh spun cotton candy in our gourmet flavors.


You have never had cotton candy like this before.

Each beautiful iridescent bag holds 2 to 3 oz of fresh cotton candy. That’s about 3-4 cones of cotton candy in each bag.


Give Lush a try today and see what everyone is talking about!!

  • Shelf life of cotton candy

    The typical shelf llife is around 2-3 weeks but it really all depends on what your climate is like where you live. Humidity and light play factors in how long cotton candy will last.

    Please enjoy within a few days to a few weeks of receiving your shipment of cotton candy.

    If you cant get to it right away jut pop it in the freezer. this will help it last a few more weeks. 

    Once the bag is open you have a few hours to a few days to enjoy the rest of the bag. 


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