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Pride/Rainbow Disco Drink Bomb Set 6
  • Pride/Rainbow Disco Drink Bomb Set 6


    Pride/Rainbow Disco drink bombs for any occasion because they are just fun!!  

    You get 6 amazing drink bombs in the colors of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple. These will liven up any occasion!!

    Place in your drink or pour your drink over your bomb and watch your drink come to life and sparkle.

    These just melt in your glass.

    See other options of disco drink bombs every color available.

    • Instructions

      These bombs are made out of cotton candy! Store in a cool dry place or the freezer. Leave in the bags provided this will help protect your bombs. Just grab one from the freezer and place inyour drink no need to thaw.

      You can grab out of the freezer at any time. They will last for months in your freezer. 

      Have a fancy drink any time you want!!!

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