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Farmers Market Order Ahead
  • Farmers Market Order Ahead


    Order ahead for the farmers market. We will have it ready for pick up. No waiting in line.

    Walk up and let us know you placed an order. We will hand you your order.

    That’s it super simple.

    Make sure to let us know leave on the cone or bagged.

    Order at least 24 hours in advance

    • Shelf life of cotton candy

      The typical shelf llife is around 2-3 weeks but it really all depends on what your climate is like where you live. Humidity and light play factors in how long cotton candy will last.

      Please enjoy within a few days to a few weeks of receiving your shipment of cotton candy.

      If you cant get to it right away jut pop it in the freezer. this will help it last a few more weeks. 

      Once the bag is open you have a few hours to a few days to enjoy the rest of the bag. 


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