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Gender Reveal Boujee Drink Bombs
  • Gender Reveal Boujee Drink Bombs


    These unique cotton candy drinks bombs are newest way to do your gender reveal. Fun for the whole family and completely safe and edible.

    We usse only FDA approved glitter in our baby boujee gender reveal drink bombs.


    **Lush is the original Creator of the Gender Reveal 

     “Boujee Baby Bombs”**



    No color on the outside of the bombs so the gender stays a secret!!


    No mess. Fun for the whole family. Send to friends and family near and far to join in on your special announcement.

    We include a special message from you in our specially packaged boxes.

    Just grab a special glass and your favorite bubbly drink.


    Thats it!!


    ~~Instructions ~~

    Clear and Carbonated work best.

    Use 8 oz. Of liquid per bomb. Only 1 per glass.


    Place bomb in an empty glass and pour beverage over bomb to reveal the gender of your new bundle of joy.

    • Instructions for Best Results

      Anything liquid clear and carbonated worked best for these.

      Use about 

       8 oz. of liquid. Drop your bomb into your glass or you can place it in your glass and fill with your beverage. 

      Watch while it magically reveals the gender of the new bundle of joy.

      Fun for the whole family.

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