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Disco Drink Bombs Sets
  • Disco Drink Bombs Sets



    These bombs are super fun for any occasion.

    Place one in your drink and watch it melt into your cocktail.

    The carbonation goes to work and releases the glitter and makes it swirl in your glass.

    Your drink gets transformed into a stunning disco drink right before your eyes.

    Trust me when I say this is something you didnt know you needed!!


    • How to Use

      Place bomb into an empty glass.

      Pour clear carbonated beverage over the bomb OR

      Place the bomb into your beverage and watch it melt into your glass.

      Use no more that about 8 oz. of liquid 

      Color wheel applies to color of bombs and beverage.

      You did not use them all!!! Well place them in the freezer in the bags they were shipped in. Pull the out and use them for any occasion or just to be fancy!! They should last months in the freezer.

      All sets are 3 bombs except the rainbow set is 6 bombs

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